Advance Cutting Tools for Fabric

Advanced cutting tools for fabric are specialized heavy duty tools for the cutting of fabric after spreading of fabric. These are specially designed with integrated system like servo cutting, computerized, laser, water-jet, plasma and ultrasonic cutting systems.

Advance Cutting Tools for Fabric

The Servo Cutting System

This system utilizes a spreading table with vacuum, and sawing-arm mounted cutting machine. As the cutting machine is mounted from above, the standard and base plate can be significantly smaller. This results in less disturbance of the lay during cutting. With the swing arm servo motor activated, the cutter can cut through more dense fabrics than the same cutter can do in one sitting.

Computerized Cutting Systems

Keeping pace with computer system development, computerized grading, marking, spreading and cutting systems are continuously evolving through technology. Three technologies exist for the cutting process, automatic knife cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. The two latter technologies, laser and water jet cutting are limited to one or two layers of fabric, or one layer of leather. Computerized knife cutting is now capable of 2 ¾" (compressed by vacuum) in cutting height.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting focuses a powerful beam of light projected onto a minute area to cut fabric by vaporization. The fine, V-shaped beams only 0.004 of an inch. The beam cuts without pressure on the fabric which is a major advantage foe some types of fabrics.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting was originally developed to satisfy our demand for high quality cutting. On stainless steel and aluminum. But it can also be used to cut textile material (ionized gas is used).

Water jet cutting

A very high velocity, small diameter stream of water is created by applying high pressure water to a nozzle. The high-pressure jet acts as a solid tool when it encounters the material to be cut, tearing the fibers on impact. As the jet penetrates successive plies in a spread, the momentum decreases and cutting ability is reduced. The jet spread out and cut is wider and rougher at the bottom of the spread. Here the jet of water is normally caught and drained away.

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Most recently developed is a cutting system using an ultrasonically driven knife blade. Vibration frequencies in the 20k Hz range produce 1/20 mm movement in the blade, small enough to remove the need for a bristle base to the cutting table. Disposable knife blades save sharpening time and last for 10-14 days. In the systems developed so far, two cutting heads aroused, moving in different but synchronized paths. Up to 10 plies can be cut and low vacuum only is needed.

Muhammad Rehan Ashraf

I am a Textile Engineer, founder and editor of "Textile Trendz". Currently working in an export-oriented textile organization. I love to share my knowledge about textiles.